Top 5 uses of flowers

Flowers are beautiful gifts of nature. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are even available in gorgeous color and scents. They can be used as a gift to someone, to communicate messages like I m sorry, get well soon etc or show sentiments or affection to your near and dear ones. It can also be used for decorating houses. Here is a look at top 5 occasions for using flowers: Top 5 uses of flowers Home decoration-Flowers are used for decorating our homes because they lend an aura of sophistication and elegance. They also enhance the beauty of a house. In places like dining tables, keeping flowers in a vase can add beauty to the room. Selecting the right flowers can brighten the home. You can even get rid of your dullness by keeping flowers in the vase. Also flowers with rich scents can rejuvenate our drooping spirits. It also helps in eliminating bad odors that may exist in the rooms. Gift-The most important use of flowers is that it is used as a gift. It brings smiles on the face of that person receiving it. However, as a gift it can be used to communicate messages or show love and affection. For example, a lover can send a bouquet of beautiful flowers to his beloved on Valentine's Day and bring smile on her face. Flowers are also used as a gift on the opening day ceremony of companies, inauguration of products, premiers, and also to celebrate achievements of individuals and companies. Marriage Ceremony-Flowers are an integral part when it comes to celebrate a special day like marriage ceremony. During marriages, flowers are used in decorating the locations, pedestals and also for decorating the table of the ceremony. Brides also get flower bouquets. Boutonnieres are given to brides and grooms and other guests. Nowadays there are many companies, which provides online flower delivery in Morwell for every occasion. Anniversary- Anniversary is a special day, which commemorates the date when someone got married in the past. So flowers are the best thing with which one can make it even more special and memorable. As a healing remedy-Many flowers contain some essential oils which has great healing properties and are therapeutic in nature. The essential oils of the flowers act as a remedy for pain relief and are used for relaxation. Some flowers are used in herbal tea because it has curative properties and used in treating regular ailments. Flowers like Dandelion with anti-oxidant properties are used in herbal tea which has low calorie than our usual caffeinated coffee. Flowers are also used in color therapy for getting rid of stress. So after discussing the uses of flowers we have come to the conclusion that flowers are an integral part of our lives and can be used for different occasions as well as presented as gifts.