PR Predictions for 2014

The changing calendar inspires many to consider what the future holds for us. We are very excited about the rapidly evolution of PR, especially now that professionals have more opportunities to positively influence business goals. Here are some key 2014 predictions that sound really interesting:

1. The news media industry is alive and kicking

The new business models along with greater accessibility to media through mobile devices indicate the downward spiral of the news media industry may be actually rising. Subscriber paywalls to online media are beginning to make up for declining print advertising, according to the New York Times. Newsweek is also re-launching its print edition, with plans to increase subscriber revenues rather than rely heavily on advertisers. At the same time, according to Mr. Magazine, 2013 saw the highest survival rate of newly launched magazines.

2. Social Media continues to evolve

According to PR Every Dey, this year LinkedIn will become the "new Facebook." With added features such as "likes" and the dew design meant to encourage users to build branding tools, more marketers are expected to use LinkedIn to follow relevant conversations, and to connect with potential clients and influencers. At the same time, LinkedIn will also be a highly important platform for journalists researching and identifying great stories.

3. Focused and integrated content

When it comes to PR, the necessity of content is not new. It's long been the focus of thought leadership campaigns, media storytelling and many other PR services. However, that doesn't mean PR pros are not always thinking about new opportunities to improve their content. At the same time, content strategies in 2014 must account for the increased number of formats and distribution channels, so the more diverse and creative our content is, the more likely it is to spread into the World Wide Web.

4. PR and SEO,<a href="">Mobile and Local</a>

Companies require optimized PR, and the need for SEO and PR to work together is more pressing than ever, so Media Bistro predicts that PR and SEO will find collaboration pretty important. Another trend prediction for PR is the increasing union of social media with mobile and location. 2014 PR strategies must be adapted to take this into account since consumers tap into social media via their mobile devices more than ever. As such, there will be an even greater need of hyperlocal PR strategies, allowing local companies to reach and engage clients like never before.

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